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FRB isn’t all about Sports; he’s a fine specimen after hours in his favorite night spots. If you think his mouth is motoring on the court or field, wait until you hear his decibel-ladden spewage once he’s gotten a few beers in him. But, you don’t need the beer or the flapping pie hole to get your message across, let FRB do the talking for you.


From the Sunday afternoon sports bar scene, to the minute ladies night begins serving non-females, FRB is there to work the crowd and hawk his wares. He can get away with it because of his big head, but when you’re trying to get someone’s attention and you don’t have a bullhorn to speak above the clipping sound system, try a little FRB on for size, it’ll get you noticed. For you ladies, don’t underestimate the power of a big mouth on a big chest – FRB provides spiffy nightwear exclusively for the curvaceous half. Whether there’s a stem on your apple or not, FRB can provide you more comfort and attention than a bartender after your first fifth of vodka.

NEW 4:20 What Time is it in Your World
Well, do we have to state the obvious here? No, the time we are talking about doesn't involve tea and crumpets, but one might get the munchies after partaking in some of the jungle flora shown on this latest FRB creation. FRB is not just a man of the suburbs, as you can tell in this particular adventure our little hero has wandered off into the murky jungle of, oh well, we'll say the Amazon for this discussion, and lo and behold he has just discovered the plant "cannibas joyus." If you needed to ask, yes that is Curious George in the background or at least a distant relative! He too seems to have found some joyus! No big yellow hat for FRB, but the monkey doesn't seem to mind. Ironically this particular flora discovery was made at approximately 4:20 pm. We ask all our FRB patrons to help celebrate this wonderful discovery each day (if possible) at that exact time, if not each day, then weekly. Oh yeah, don't forget those Oreos, I hear they are great for dunking with milk.
FRB Defined
Ah yes, how could one be a fan of FRB and not be the proud owner of one of these? The classic FRB Definition Shirt. If someone stops you and actually has the gall to ask you “hey what's that weird looking head on your shirt stand for?” You can quickly offer up a non-verbal answer by spinning around 180 degrees and 10 and behold they'll have their answer!
Ladies Night
Here we have FRB doing his impressions of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, Danny Terio, and John Travolta. As you can see FRB might not have the same dance techniques as those previously mentioned, but left to his own devices FRB can burn up the floor with the best of them. Let it be disco, tango, waltz, marimba, polka, or ballroom dancing all FRB needs is a beautiful lady by his side and soon it becomes apparent to that lass in his arms why it is always Ladies Night with FRB!
State Worker
Ah yes, once again a city or should I say country, or dare I suggest state employee is once again showing what a real day of hard labor represents. Obviously this chap has been working feverishly with the horse sheets if he can pick a winner and not even the aroma of his split Columbian coffee can wake this guy out of his slumber. I believe we might have another theory about those blackouts!
Classic Wet Martini
This shirt demonstrates FRB's ability to party, yet remain somehow aloof among the depravity of it all. Our friend is seen here appearing to be acting as some type of lifeguard at this outgoing “party activity” down below in the martini glass. As always FRB's mouth seems to be spewing out some sort of order or mindless babble as in this particular scene, and much to his dismay, nudity is lending a deaf ear.
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