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Extreme Gear

If you’re part of the lost generation of these United States of Whatever, relegated to dilapidated concrete ramps at defunct shopping malls and forced to watch mainstream sporting events get all the glory, then you want, may need, FRB as your spokesman – you’ve got no one else except that stupid little green soda can. Do the spew, dude!


Whether you’re thrown airborne by skateboard, mountain bike, snowboard, parasail, or jet engines bolted to your ankles doing a can-can, half cab, backside rodeo, makio, chicken salad air, eggplant, stale fish, quadratic sidekick, saran wrap or whatever else propels you, let FRB’s hot air lift you higher. Don’t let the lettered jocks win the day – beat them to the punch by wearing the big head’s badge long before they do. This in your face character is exactly what’s required for the extreme side – which are only now becoming partially accepted. The world’s almost ready for you. Will the masses be ready for FRB? We doubt it and so do you, you miserable piece of asphalt debris – now get up, you don’t need no stinking pads, only FRB gear.

Yin & Yang
Here we see FRB as the quintessential warrior with both the dark side & the side of righteousness. No doubt that this is one warrior you'll want to go into battle with and also this is the same warrior who might end up sitting next to you in a prison cell hence the Yin & Yang of the situation!
Muscle Head
FRB is this scene resembles the classic strongmen of every decades including Joe Welder, Charlie Atlas, and Jack LaLone! No body-fat here (that exists only in the skull) this ripping temple of muscle has been formed over years of FRB's personal training methods. Sadly though as we quickly glance at the back we can see that once again FRB has gone to great lengths with his imagination to present himself in a light that in reality is only darkness. Give the little fella credit, he's in boxers, and it's not pretty!
Alright, we here at FRB Sportswear will admit that we were not the first to conquer Mount Everest, but certainly we were the first to conquer more interesting peaks. Most mortal men would not have the ambition to scale any female twin peaks, but hey we all know that in order to have a chance with any of those female lovely's we need to get into their head and it's apparent that there is only one way to go and that's up!
Climber (Shorts)
Well FRB is not only a climber of the peaks as we have seen previously, but he is also a climber of cheeks! Safe to say that there is more than one place to start scaling a female's anatomy and leave it to FRB to find it! Sure, the easy way to get to a woman might be to introduce yourself, but to FRB, to climb up the social ladder has always been somewhat difficult. With this ascent though, there is no way our female friends won't notice a little tug, and who knows from there? K-2 here we come!
Solar Flair
Take a look at FRB! Always one to enjoy the bright lights or the heat, the man has a little of both shown here. As always FRB has a little something extra when doing a fly by and the masses know how to respond. You can't miss the big mouth heading across the sun and into somewhere every boarder wants to be. If it's style and flair that you need, then this is the ticket. We all know it's the ramp that gives you the launch, it's our job to keep you there, high in the sky.
Cage Fighting
Welcome to the world of battle hardened warriors, no time for the weak or faint of heart to enter this arena of hand to hand combat. Only power, courage and an inner will to crush the opposition that's staring across the cage from you. The cage is for those men whom lust to show what power and strength they have within themselves. Much like their brothers from many a century ago, the gladiators of Rome in the Great Coliseum, these men enter the arena in to hand to hand combat. Blood and carnage be dammed, FRB demonstrates to this overmatched opponent that in this cage only one does survive. It should be noted that our little hero was properly juiced before the match. Well you have seen his normal look haven't you? Nice touch with his club/sword don't ya think? Par for the course I believe.
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