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FRB Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Is The FRB Calendar?

Well the calendar is a series of events that have occurred throughout the lifetime of our animated little man, FRB. As you can see, FRB has apparently been around for quite some time and has participated in some events that you may well recognize and some that you would have no clue about! That does not stop FRB from spewing about them though! Fact or fiction you ask, that's up to the reader of these dates to decide. We hope that some of the tall tales keep you entertained though! That's our goal.....

What's With The FRB Podcasts?

Ah yes, here is where you will get to hear the mouth that roars up close and personal. As of now these podcasts are only to be found here on our site. We are however attempting to make the provisions to get them out on ITUNES or other places where the general public can consume THE KNOWLEDGE. Have no doubt, you'll not agree with everything FRB says, there are times subjects are serious, ridiculous and sometimes FRB will simply rant. It's like art, you can look at it any way you want, agree, disagree, but LISTEN.

Who Is This Guy?

The better question is, who can't this guy be? Listen, we have heard plenty of complaints or concerns that we are stretching FRB too far, but we simply do not believe that to be the case. We do not exclusively cater to one genre, one specific age group, FRB can and will be enjoyed by all people. Is he an athlete? Hell no, look at that body! Is he a ladies man? A corpse would have better luck with the women! But that does not stop FRB believing in his potential and if talking his way into situations leads him astray, so be it as he will talk his way out. Folks, you can either sit on the sidelines or participate in life and FRB believes in participating, even if it's only with his gums!

What's With The Golf Club At FRB's Side?

The answer is that FRB found the game of golf to be intoxicating, from his youth up to present day. You can prtend you are an athlete with this game (apology to golfers, but it's true) and if you're good enough, make a ton of dough with minimal risk of injury. So FRB has decided that when he ventures out into the world, he'll usually take his club with him. If you noticed in most of our designs, his club is usually at his side, though not always. In this manner we can flatly say that the club is his "crutch" and that he uses it in a variety of ways. Too garner attention, a defense mechanism, involves it in role playing, to stir a drink, and occasionally to hit a golf ball among many other uses. Does it always make sense? No! Do all of YOUR CRUTCHES MAKE SENSE? NO, so accept the madness and move on.....

Why The Mouth Only?

Well obviously this was a question that was going to be asked, so here's the answer. Our slogan "DO THE SPEW" refers to our little man FRB always talking, opining on a variety of subjects. Some he has a firm grasp on the knowledge at hand, in other instances he is simply grasping at straws. Should you take everything he says seriously? That's up to you. FRB is here to entertain and to look good on you with the designs we make. Our character can function without ears, eyes and nose. He has the ability to listen, see and smell. His overriding factor is the mouth and in in all of our designs it is agape, that should shock no one!

Why The FRB Initials?

Hmmm, maybe it is like a cult that you don't know about? A secret society where the letters are a coded message? Afraid not, but as Col. Sanders liked to keep his recipe a secret, we attempt to keep reasons for the name, pronounced (fur-be) under wraps. Oh, theories abound, and hell, some might even be correct. At the end of the day, no one says you cannot make them what you want them to stand for. Truth be told, our character was based on someone and PERHAPS A FEW OF HIS CHARACTERISTICS were applied to FRB's personality. Does that help your insomnia ridden questions? Man, we simply just could have made something like a swoosh.....

Why Should I Buy This Clothing?

I have a better question, why wouldn'y you? The truth is that everyone could use a little piece of FRB clothing in their drawer or closet. Will it help your lifestyle? Can't say, but it looks good, different, not your run of the mill designs for sure. You could stick with that corporate logo that basically looks the same on your on your chest or you could try a little someting different, we think you should. FRB clothing can fit in basically anywhere you need it to. FRB helps you be a conversation starter without saying a word. Just give our wears a try, we guarantee one thing, you won't be looking bad doing it, you're ice cool my friends.

What Can We Expect From FRB Sportswear In The Future?

Well you can expect more cool designs as we make our way into the mainstream. Right now we are more of an underground movement and by underground, I mean about center of the earth underground. We will be seeking to improve our web site to make things easier for customers and retailers alike. We will keep our prices affordable as we like to keep our customers coming back and seek new ones out as well. We do acknowledge that profit is a part of the equation of a sound business practice, but at the end of the day, money is not and should not be the end all. We will try and communicate that to or customers through various manners. Lastly we hope to become involved in the community and be able to share our success with others not afforded the same chances that we have been graced with. FRB Sportswear believes is trying to make this world a better place and will do its part. At the end of the day we hope our customers appreciate who we are and what we are about. We never want to become a cold hearted corporation or entity, that simply bores us.

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