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Hawiian Outfitting

Fun, sun, beach and rolling waves make for a perfect backdrop to the FRB storyline. Born in the Empire State, but better suited for the Aloha State, FRB is more at home with a well-waxed board, hula skirt and mai tai with an umbrella resting on his spare tire tattooed with the phrase, “Hang Ten”. Let the FRB sail flap from your outrigger so you'll be treated like a native when cruising the strip.


If you're more Don Ho than Don Knotts, more Jeff Spicoli than Joe Piscopo, or more Wo Fat than book ‘em Danno and you too want to see McGarrett “die a thousand deaths,” then FRB Hawaiian Outfitting will get the point across faster than a goofy hand signal or narly expression. Like a Hawaiian Tropics beauty pageant the array of spectacular, well fitting, sun-drenching clothing will parade across disbelieving eyes, without any of the fancy silicon, but still properly oiled just the same. So, if you know that Hawaii's state bird is the nene, or Hawaiian Goose – a talkative foul with a recognizable “honk” not so dissimilar from FRB himself – then get leid, get FRB on your tanned hide and get your butt to the luau and walk the burning coals. Take one for the FRB Team!

The Great Wave
At first there was King Neptune lord of the seas and then the reigns were over to FRB. The reason, well we can't really give you one that you would believe, so let's just view what's going on. It is apparent FRB cannot rule the sea alone, so of course he brings his fair share of sea mermaids along to help surf the seas. The maidens are only too happy to serve the King of the Sea as he has as many adventures on the high seas as he does on land. You know those mermaids can spend a little time on land don't you? FRB is just the man to serve as tour guide on the maiden voyage ashore!
Get Leid
You thought Captain Cook discovered the island of Hawaii? Well once again the pages of history need to be rewritten! As evidence by this warm welcome of native female island women, we can see that FRB was thought of as some type of legend in the making. There is no doubt about this man's rhythm prowess as is evidenced by how quickly FRB has picked up the native island dance. Obviously it takes more than two to tango!
Bearded Clam
Yeah yeah, it can be seen as a sexist shirt, but what the hell, everything in life has a humorous side and I do not assume everyone can be pleased by all we do! Let's face it fellas, a lot of us can relate to just what a long and difficult road to the promised land as it were. FRB has lost patience and with the upmost of care is trying to gently prod a little more lovin's from his deep sea beauty. We are not above romance her, look at the lovely checkered blanket, a slowly melting candle, and a bottle of vintage wine and a private beach at sunset. C'mon ladies if your man provided that, you wouldn't be OPEN to that? You are a tough sell then!
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