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Wholesale Inquiry

Hello There and Welcome!

If you have come to this page then we can assume you have an interest in doing business with FRB Sportswear LLC on a wholesale basis. Your business is appreciated and therefore we would like you to understand the following.

FRB has a minimum requirement for all wholesale orders of at least (12) pieces. At this point there is no maximum that you can order, but we certainly do not want to discourage you from trying! Of course it goes without saying that the more pieces ordered, the better the chance of getting more affordable pricing. We will cater to fill-in type orders but it is preferred that if you are asking for fill-in type or mix and match orders that there be a minimum order of (24) pieces.

Specialized embroidery or screen printing that includes another brand name or logo will incur a small fee in addition to the listed wholesale prices you see. We accept most major credit cards, Paypal, checks and money orders. Our site provides easy access and understanding to get these things done.

Concerning our return policy and delivery expectations please refer to the section contained within our web site explaining our guidelines. We do extend credit but expect payment to be rendered within (45) business days or less. If you are planning to pay by check or money order please use the following address:


All checks are to be made payable to FRB SPORTSWEAR.

As you can see there is a form that we ask each prospective client to fill out. Upon review of the information supplied to us, you will receive an answer promptly within a (48) time period. During this time we will review the information we have received to determine if this is a legitimate request. If all is in good standing and we are satisfied, then a password will be e-mailed to you that allows you access to the wholesale store. We would also ask you to provide a resale certificate for wholesale business; if you cannot provide one, we will supply one for you.

We look forward to working with you in the future and hope to continue the relationships fostered here for many years to come. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to call the following number: (315) 941-0510.

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