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Hello there, do I need to introduce myself again? As follows it is FRB! Bringing to your computers our newest fem fatale Fierce. Looks like one of those bad chicks in a James Bond flick or no? They may be mad and bad, but they get Bond. Come on now, we here at FRB Sportswear believe in the adage naughty and nice. Fierce hails from sunny California and resides in the Oakland area. No need to tell you this is a no nonsense woman, determined to get what she wants in the fashion she desires. That's what we love, anyway Fierce tells us that there is a softer side of her that not many people get to see. We hope having her here at FRB Sportswear helps you see a softer side of her also. There could be more than one side though! Among Fierce's passions are traveling (someone got a passport?) and photography (as evidenced in our shoot!), there's more to her of course, but that's all we feel like saying today. Enjoy what she has to say below. If interested in giving Fierce any commentary, e-mail at Remember, keep it clean or keep it. See you next time with another delight.


1) Which do you prefer: tattoos or body piercings... and why? I prefer neither, really. I mean, what you do with your body is fine. I’m not particularly attracted to people with tons of tattoos and/or body piercings, though. I’m attracted to the person, not the tattoos/piercings. I’ve never been known to date anyone with an inordinate amount of either of these things, however, so I believe it safe to say I prefer neither.

2) What color is the sky in your world? Often, when I look up at the sky in my world, I find it to be a light, pastel cerulean. However on occasion I’ve noticed it to be crimson in color, mixing in with carroty oranges and golden yellows. This is most often during sunset. I wonder, sometimes, what the sky looks like in other people’s worlds. If they see differently than I do…

3) Name a country you would like to live in outside of the United States. England and / or Japan.

4) Ice cream or Sherbet? I’m staying away from dairy, so I’m going to have to go with Sherbet on this one!

5) What's the one thing a person would never assume about you? I don’t think anyone would ever assume that I’ve got a soft, sensitive side. Often people take one look at me and assume I’m a hard-ass. And I am, on the outside. But I’ve got a soft, squishy inside somewhere deep inside that I don’t show to very many people.

6) Do you believe in heroes? Men are not my heroes. I have sheroes. Betta Recognize!!! In any event, I am my own sheroe, since I'm the only person in this entire world I can depend on. Ain't nobody can love me like I can!

7) Magazines you currently subscribe to: Scientific American, The Economist and for when I feel like rotting my mind out with preposterous fodder: Allure

8) Your opinion of herbal medicines? Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I usually give them a chance because I tend to have a strong distrust of western medicine and doctors in general. Herbs generally won’t hurt my body and have horrible side effects, but I can’t say the same about prescribed meds from the doctor…

9) What are the odds that God would be female? Well, who’s to say there is a god? I say there isn’t one at all. However, for the sake of just answering the damn question without having an atheist sermon to go along with it, I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance god [if there is such a thing] is a woman.

10) Is love the best high you've experienced? No, it is not. Ecstasy is. (smile)


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