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Hello there! FRB here to introduce our latest model whom goes by the name of Lisa. Lisa is from the Central New York area and has been a resident all of her life. Lisa enjoys the great outdoors and the four seasons our area has to offer. Snowboarding is one way she keeps her shape! A college graduate and a drafter by trade, we thank the lovely Lisa for helping Mother Nature look a little better on this sunny day. Care to contact Lisa? Email, of course no crude, lewd, or rude to miss Lisa.


1) What is your favorite late night snack? Microwave popcorn.

2) Which is better; watch a good movie or a good TV show? A good movie.

3) What do you like about rainbows? The idea that a pot of gold being at the end of it.

4) Are you religious or spiritual? Religious.

5) Do you think trees listen? No.

6) Which is cuter, a kitten or a puppy? A kitten.

7) Outside of Earth, do you have a favorite planet? Jupiter.

8) Would you rather ride on a cloud or a magic carpet? Cloud.

9) What is your favorite room in a house? Kitchen.

10) Would you be surprised if God was a feminine power? Yes.


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