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Hello, this is your host FRB speaking. Today I am here to introduce our lovely FRB Model: her name is Mercedes. The lovely Mercedes is a resident of Upstate New York and has been located here for all of her 27 years. Among the likes of our lovely model are the following:

Favorite Food - Galumpkis (you polish people should recognize this!)
Favorite Animal - Her dog Polar Bear which is a terrier-shepard mix.
Favorite Color - Blue
Favorite Beverage - Iced tea (especially on a hot summer's day)
Favorite Alcoholic Drink - Bay breeze & Tequila Rose
Most Desirable Man - Patrick Swayze
Favorite Sport (playing) - Softball
Turn Ons - A nice smile, good teeth, and the eyes, oh yes the eyes!
Turn Offs - Bad grooming, shabby dresser, bad teeth, and a condescending attitude.
Favorite Music - Genesis
Favorite Season - Autumn

Mercede's idea of the dream romantic getaway for two is for her and that lucky man of hers to be in a secluded cabin in the woods far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We here at FRB couldn't agree more than how great it would be to get back to nature with the lovely Mercedes.

Well if anyone is interested in corresponding with the lovely Miss Mercedes, you can drop her a line at our e-mail address. All correspondences will be forwarded to her and she will attempt to reply, careful with your questions boys, she is a Scorpion and oh well you'll just have to see!

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