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Hello There! It's been a while since we have introduced anyone new to our model line, but today that changes. As you may have noticed, there no longer is Analiese or Sugar and Spice as with time all things must change. But enough chit chat, I am here to introduce to you our new FRB Sportswear model, SIERRA.

Yes Sierra is a local gal, born and raised right here in the Mohawk Valley. Watch out boys, although beautiful, this girl is 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Indian, so no doubt she should be approached with good manners and the best of intentions! Sierra is also quite the student having just completed a 3.3 GPA this past semester, she has designs on being a forensic scientists. So a warning to all present and future criminals, beware this beauty has no intentions of letting you get away with any bad deeds! As you can see the curvy Sierra has no trouble showing off our prized clothing, from hitting the dance floor to late in the evening to representing our Uncle Sam on our nation's birthday. This woman would surely bring us red blooded Americans to bear arms. As for our site cover shot, well if you've ever thought of golf as a boring game, I suggest you take another gander at the lovely Sierra. Driving the ball into those woods may not seem so bad after all, and it certainly won't kill your handicap! As always for any correspondence with Sierra, please reach her at, and of course keep it clean. Until the next time, enjoy!


1) What is your favorite season and why? Summer. I love to swim and I enoy nature walks with my friends.

2) Who is the person in life you would most like to emulate? My father. He has done his best and tried his hardest in making my life what it is now. I thank my parents for who I am today.

3) What is your favorite late night snack? :) Cocoa Pebbles!! It's quick, easy, and somewhat nutritious.

4) Which is more attractive in a man "beautiful eyes" or "great hair"? Beautiful eyes. You can change a man's hair, but you can never change the way a man can look into your eyes.

5) Do you have a favorite animal? Dogs. I love big dogs. I'm expecting a baby rotweiller.

6) Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Non-fiction. Its so much more interesting reading about something that did happen instead of what someone dreamt of happening.

7) What is your favorite planet outside of Earth? Saturn. I'm sure the rings would be beautiful.

8) Do you belief in life after death? From hearing other people's experiences. I think there is something.

9) What is your favorite sport? I used to play a lot of soccer and ran track. But I like the excitement football brings.

10) What part of the world would you like to see if you were given a 2 way ticket? If I was given a two-way ticket, I would go to Hawaii and exchange the other way for a condo!


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