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Holidays are made for FRB, in fact, history will show that Halloween was created specifically in homage to the great featureless faced one. There’s no time for self-reflection, holiday depression, giving thanks, or special pagan rituals. It’s time to take the day off, slap on some carefully crafted couture and celebrate with your favorite cartoon character.


While it may not be readily apparent to the casual observer, our primitive caricature’s head is made of clay and can be molded and adapted to any event or situation. Kind of in a Gumby-like fashion, but way cooler and definitely without the artificial feel-good undertones. FRB really shines during special occasions and holidays like a thousand paparazzi taking pictures of a Paris Hilton-Ashton Kutcher-Britney Spears-Bubbles the Chimp love tryst on Sunset Boulevard. As such, reach for FRB when you’re reaching for some eggnog or something else under the mistletoe - or – work with FRB to custom create your own holiday or special occasion. He’ll be there with bells, reindeer antlers and nothing much else on if he has to.

First there was Nathan Hale, Paul Revere, George Patton, and in that same vein, we introduce to you the ultimate patriot, FRB! Perhaps no individual in the history of this great land has spewed forth about the land he loves so much. Never at loss to defend his nation's honor, FRB takes pride in this great nation because it affords him the rights to speak and indulge in other activities that perhaps might find in hanging from a noose in other lands!
Ah yes the ghostly holiday of Halloween, and what could be more scary or disconcerting than to see this faceless wonder show up at your front door asking for candy! It is obvious he needs so much more. Like the legend of Sleepy Hollow our pumpkin headed friend has been seen on this bewitching holiday all throughout the continental United States. Best beware that he doesn't come calling for your head. Although chances are it will be too damn small! Special effect – The Bat and FRB Sportswear logo glow in the dark! A real treat for the kids (and the kid in all of us)!
What would Christmas be like if there were no involvement from FRB himself. As we can see even a simple task such as attempting to connect a few lights can bring about horrific consequences for our beloved little hero. In this setting we can see that FRB's little friend otherwise known as the Wet Puppy (a mechanized demon of a dog) is attempting to give advice to our hero. To no avail or a short in his hearing aid, FRB doesn't hear the advice he is given and instead gets his holiday off to a shockingly bad start and things only snowball from there!
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