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Are you sick of tri-athletes, three-sport stars, Olympic improprieties, and billion dollar crybabies? Are you tired of commercials that show slow-motion athletes pumping out fluorescent-colored sweat? Why slap on a swoosh and do it, when you can slap on FRB gear and spew how good you are? Let your mouth do the talking, or better yet, let FRB be your translator and ambassador for all things sports.



No matter what sport you follow from the confines of your couch, we’ve got you covered like a safety covering a lumbering fullback. From the tried and true sports like football, baseball and especially golf, to not so mainstream ones like volleyball, bowling, and cock-fighting – FRB has a catchy, loud mouthed phrase that sums up the essence of that sport. FRB gives you a viewpoint that only a true fan has, but could never back up on a field, court or poker table. FRB takes backseat driving and Monday morning quarterbacking to new depths, but he’s still committed to the sport just the same. And so are you. If you’re frequently under represented and often over par, you’ll need the boost in confidence that only FRB (and Viagra) can give.

Multi FRB
If you can have more than one representation of this mouthy 8th wonder of the world on your body why wouldn't you do it? No it's just not fantasy talk, this is reality! With this shirt all your friends are sure to notice that little fella you parade around on your chest isn't one-dimensional. From oriental fighting master to pick pocket felon, FRB bridges the gap between morality and depravity, something even Ghandi himself could not accomplish!
A Sinking Hero
Ah yes, the combination of alcohol and sports, quite uncommon hey? No doubt FRB has somehow managed to find his way off the court and has wandered into post-game mode already. FRB doesn’t have the “hops” necessary for volleyball, but he is shrewd returned of serve and an excellent setter!
Beer and a Shot
There are sports that FRB is not inclined to participate in, but yet because of the pressure to be everything to everyone he tries his best. The particular sports of both baseball and softball are not suited to the skills of FRB. In this instance our hero is doing a little bit too much chatting in the on deck circle, a performance no doubt enhanced by the activities of the night before. Apparently even more chaser isn't enough to stop our hero from babbling away. Just another hole to spew out of. Statistics for this game were, 1-4, single up the middle and grounded into 2 double plays.
Slave to the Game
The sport that FRB loves the best, golf! No other sport can you combine the intellect of Einstein, the madness of Alexander the Great, and the disposition of Ghandi, yet still suck at the sport. It's all about the ball going in the hole, maddening, as it is relaxing. Be it 9 or 18 holes, FRB is ready with sticks in hand, around the globe, ready for a wager or two. Truly this boy is a slave. Embroidered FRB Sportswear logo on sleeve.
Dick Out
Same sport, different set of rules, and certainly a different outcome! There are many unspoken clichés used in the sport of golf, some on par with everyday grammar and some that are reserved for the course among the boys. The term “Dick Out” is one of them reserved for the course. No male golfer wants his name invoked with this power outage term in the same sentence, but it happens. Not to FRB as of this date, but things could change, as the shirt is merely an example. This classic may not make it in to your country club, but we here at FRB Sportswear are sure there are too many out there who have been plagued by this trauma that some interest could be generated. Embroidered FRB Sportswear logo on sleeve.
Golf Cap
Golf cap with FRB either already on the 19th hole or talking trash after taking a corporate lag.
Drive for Show
Of course nothing draws the attention of the galleries and playing partners alike as much as the big booming drive. The direction is of little consequence, the main objective is the distance, be it north, south, east, or west, our hero maintains a compass in his pocket after launching one off the pad and there's no reason why you can't do the same. Distance fills the ego not the scorecard! Embroidered FRB Sportswear logo on sleeve.
Multi-Bogey Attack
Well, here we have FRB introducing a new lingo to golf terminology as we know it today, for a golfer to establish a correct and legitimate handicap one must not mark down a score on any given hole greater than 2 over par for that particular hole, this prevents people from reporting outrageous scores thereby making their handicaps higher and becoming what is known as a “sandbagger”. This unwritten rule does not apply to tournament or match play and should not affect any wagering between friendly persons. FRB though has recorded some ominous scores while playing the sport of golf and hence this has become his off referred to nickname among his peers! Embroidered FRB Sportswear logo on sleeve.
Tee Time
As much as we would like to think, we everyday hackers are not the most punctual of players, especially when it comes to the weekend! There are a variety of reasons for being late, too many martinis the night before, that skirt you chased until the sun came up, on and on they go. The one constant that can rectify these problems is a quick fast food breakfast and a steaming hot cup of java from your local McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts. Then it's finally off to the course running to that first tee with your fly open and hollering you'll play the front side for $10.00. It's 9:10am and you've made your tee time, now enjoy the splendor of the game. Embroidered FRB Sportswear logo on sleeve.
Perhaps the most important part of the golf swing is demonstrated here with FRB and his classic takeaway pose. Frozen in a perfected image, a golfer must ensure himself of a smooth takeaway to at least achieve a 50-50 chance of getting somewhere within shouting distance of the 150 yard marker or within 100 yards of the cup, depending on your course position. The downswing of course is a different story, it is here that the separation between hacker and a decent amateur is noticed. As for FRB's follow through, well lets just say that the divots are big enough to bury some of the pets you own!
Embroidered FRB sportswear logo on sleeve.
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